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 Frequently Asked Questions 
I'm Having Trouble Searching! The Pages Won't Load Right?
First, THANK YOU! This usually means you've had a look at quite a few pages and you're getting cache interference with my image laden site! Please trying clearing your computer cache, log out and back in and that should fix the problem.

NOTE: You will lose what's in your cart, so please make note of your pattern numbers first!

Depending on what internet browser you use, here are some instructions on How To Clear Your Cache.

I've also noticed that if you go to a different category, then click again where you wanted to be in the first place, the site loves that little tickle and gets going!

I truly appreciate you taking the time to look through my patterns! I promise you that the little jiggle you might have to give the site will pay off with pages and pages of more vintage goodies!
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I Do Not Get Newsletter Emails with Sale Information, HELP!
It appears that if you have a Yahoo!, gmail, hotmail, att, bellsouth, or aol email account.. there are restrictions in place to protect you from spam, which is what they think my newsletters might be!

Please consider signing up for the MOMSPatterns Mailing List with a spare email account that is NOT one of the ones above if you are able.. or shoot me an email at JEROMACO@AOL.COM ANY time and I'll let you know if I have a current sale running!
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More Site SEARCH Tips Here!
~ Know what pattern number you want? Just enter the number!
~ Be sure to use the Side Bar Buttons for pre-determined searches by year, pattern company, and there's even a drop down menu so you can shop by bust, waist and hip measurements!
~ Want to see the 50s Dresses? Enter it just like this: 50s AND Dress. Yes, with the AND in the middle! Just childrens' 50s dresses? Easy: 50s AND children AND dress.
~ Want to NOT see something in a search? Type: 50s AND dress NOT children. That will eliminate what you are not interested in looking through. ~ There's also the big 'grid' table in the center of the Home Page with more pre-determined searches. Just click a link!
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No worries! There's a Reset Password link that helps most people.. if you have a gmail or Hotmail email address, for some odd reason, they kick back to me. I will manually reset it for you as soon as I see the attempt! Always feel free to drop me an EMAIL and I'll reset it for you!
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Do You Combine/Reduce Shipping If I Buy More Than One Item?
Yes, indeed! Buy 5 or more patterns and I ship for FREE to the USA. Candada & All Other International Shipments are discounted, and you can see all Shipping Rates Here.
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MOMSPatterns now offers incentive Rewards on your purchases! You get $1 to use on a future visit for every $10 you spend on the site.

To see if you have any accumulated, Log In, click My Account, then Rewards. Please Note: Rewards may not be used in conjunction with any other discount code or coupon. But hey, FREE MONEY! :D
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Do You Ship Internationally? How much do you charge?
Yes, I Ship Worldwide! Shore to shore.. coast to coast, sea to shining sea! Aside from the UK & Germany at this time.
View Shipping Rates Here.
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There are So Many Patterns! How Long Can I Shop?
You can shop until you're finished! Be sure to take advantage of any shipping specials & discounts, too!

One thing to be aware of.. a pattern isn't SOLD from the inventory until payment is received, so if there's something extra special you've found, please remit payment at your first convenience!
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Will You Scan the Pattern Back For Me?
Absolutely! Please send a request with the pattern name & number to:! My scanner is a snail so right now, putting the backs on ALL items isn't a viable option for me. But if you need it, I will gladly email it to you and add them as I go!
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Tell Me More About Memory Lane!
Need to research vintage fashion? Want to see what was en vogue the year you were born, or graduated, or got married? Want to try and find the prom dress pattern your Mom used? Need to authentically costume a play? Stroll down Memory Lane, my newest way to browse patterns!

Use the drop down list under the Memory Lane title and find what patterns I have that were copyrighted into the fashion catalogues from 1940 through 2007!

Please Note: Decade years (ie: 1950, 1960, 1970) are going to pull EVERYthing from that era since I keyword each era in my titles. I'll work on finding a way around that, if it's possible!
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When Will You Add More Patterns?
I add 25+ patterns each and every weekday, with an occasional Saturday thrown in for fun. Be sure to check in daily every morning to get first looks & dibs on the newly listed goodies!
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I Haven't Received My Patterns.. Help!
It's not often that a shipment goes completely missing or is lost forever in the mail, thank goodness!

All USA shipments are mailed via first class or priority and ALWAYS have Delivery Confirmation for your convenience.

International Packages are mailed either first class or flat rate priority, and to keep your shipping costs down, do NOT have Tracking. Please check with your local Customs office to see if it's being held for Duty Taxes.. they're usually the culprit. I will certainly make every effort to FIND YOUR SHIPMENT! International shipments are mailed via First Class International or Flat Rate Priority. (On a BIG order, sometimes International Priority mail!) Tracking is ONLY available on Express Mail, which I do not offer in order to keep your shipping costs low. No refunds can be offered, but I will review any loss on a case by case basis to reach a fair happy medium for us both.
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How Do You Know The EXACT Date of a Pattern?
I reference the Blueprints of Fashion books by Wade Laboissonniere for the 1940's & the 1950's. They are comprehensive pattern dating books that I use religiously! More recent patterns have the copyright on the envelopes and if there is NO date, I use best judgment based on handling vintage patterns for the over 15 years!
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Why The Name MOMSPatterns?
Lucky observation, really! My ebay seller name is MACOJERO. That's the 1st two letters of the names of myself, the hubby, and two of the children. (The name was established before our last son!) When I opened my first store, I named it More of Macojero's Sewing Patterns. Then when trying to come up with a web store name, I abbreviated it M O M S Patterns. And nobody can argue that Mom's got the best retro fashions, right? :)
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Why Do You Sell Vintage Sewing Patterns?
Because I could spend all day just LOOKING at the beautiful fashions! I hardly have time to sew much anymore, so spreading vintage to other enthusiasts, well, it just makes me happy :)
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Where Else On the WEB Is MOMSPatterns?
I'm everywhere, baby, everywhere!
Please come and 'LIKE' MOMS on Facebook
Follow my PINTEREST Board: Vintage Sewing Patterns.
Follow my PINTEREST Board: Vintage Fashion & Film Stars.
Friends of MOMSPatterns are the best!
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